“We are women who are committed to empowering ourselves, one another and the community thru our daily actions, dialogue, shared leadership, community service and providing educational opportunities  by conforming to the highest and deepest values of all of our faith traditions.”

Sama Warah (far right) with SARAH SIsters Valentina Khan, Sande Hart and Sarah Wallace at the SARAH Premier of Sama’s film 350 Birds of Hope

                                The 2015 Parliament of the               World’s Religions is

coming to Salt Lake City in October.

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SARAH President Sande Hart with Dr. Arun Gandhi and Sorjourner’s Executive Director and the Parliament’s Mary Nelson at the Press Release to announce the 2015 Parliament of the World’s Religions.

We, the women of S,A.R.A.H. wish to express our deepest sympathy and solidarity with all those who are mourning the senseless murderous attack on a the military school in Lahore Pakistan, killing a reported 141 people, mostly children.  

As the courageous young Pakistani woman, Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala, has shared with the world so eloquently, until every child has the freedom to be educated, none of us is free. The fact that the terrorists didn't want the children to learn new ideas or Western concepts for them justified this heinous act, So, let us also hold the country of Pakistan in the light.  The Pakistanis are reeling from this national tragedy, coming to grips with the situation and understanding that they will need to undertake serious long-range steps to liberate their country from terrorism and all terrorist groups. Let us use this season of light to focus on the parts of the world that need our attention, our empathy, and our love.

Our hearts ache for the families who are suffering the loss of their loved ones, and join them as we too are suffering this loss.